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That’s my maiden name

October 8, 2009

I read that there is a trend towards people thinking that it should be required for a women to change her name when she marries (a man). Well, I have one more reason not to do so, speaking as one who did change her name. Every time I go to get a new driver’s license (which has been often in recent years) I am challenged by the Powers That Be to prove my identity.

I have a U.S. passport, which I attained before traveling abroad for the first time back in college. This passport has since been updated and amended to reflect my married name. Whenever I hand it to someone, they always neglect to check the back page. It is on the back page that the U.S. government printed the amendment to my name. Thus, the front page with my photo and all my information has only my maiden name.

My Social Security card is likewise updated to reflect my married name, but on that document my full name appears on the front of the card, all together.

Seeing as I had to present my marriage certificate in order to get both my passport and my Social Security card updated, you’d think that I would no longer have to carry my marriage certificate around with me. But no. Chaos inevitably ensues. “How do I know you’re married?” “Whose name is that?” “That’s your maiden name.” And on and on.

Fortunately, yesterday I was able to convince the DMV worker that I was legitimate. She let me get my NY state driver’s license without showing my marriage certificate. Thankfully. I would have been mighty miffed if I had to stand in that line again. Technically, it’s a temporary license. They mail you the real thing in a few weeks. One more thing to check off my list. If I hadn’t lost my MD license, I’m not sure when I would have exchanged it. Lease, utility bills, and now a state ID. I guess I really am official.

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  1. October 9, 2009 9:52 pm

    Ah, the burdens of becoming a Bates. Those of us who are Bateses honor you for your sacrifice.

    P.S. What a pain

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