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Recital prep

November 4, 2009

So. I’m singing a joint recital in 11 days. Yikes.

I’ve been doing what seems to be my pattern when I’m not in school or don’t have a performance goal ahead of me. I don’t practice, and then I panic. So yesterday I practiced. Clearly, it’s time to get a new teacher, new goals. Fortunately, most of the music is stuff I’ve already performed. But I need to get back up to speed and polish things up to get them performance-ready again.

I have a rehearsal this afternoon with my collaborators. Then we’ll have a run-thru next week. I’ll probably beg for another session if we can fit one in. I like to be prepared. In the meantime, I need to sketch out a practice schedule for myself so I can go into this feeling confident. Harvey wants it to be low-stress, but I’m unconvinced that I can simply not worry about it. I think I was seduced into thinking I could just coast on through because he’s so generous with singers and seemingly relaxed, but there’s a chance I may end up with egg on my face if I don’t kick it into high gear. Nothing has to be memorized, either, which has also given me a false sense of security. Just because it doesn’t have to be memorized doesn’t mean I can be any less prepared.

OK, so I’ll be digging in over the next week and a half. My husband thinks I should wear the dress I wore at my last recital. He thinks I need new associations with it. Is this the right occasion? Hm.

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