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March 1, 2010

Well, I was really hoping to finally be able to post another “Book Review Monday,” but it was not meant to be. I am in the middle of my current book’s resolution, and it’s taking forever to get there. Ah, well, next week, perhaps. And, yes, when I tell you exactly which book I’m reading you will understand why it’s taken me 5 months to read.

Instead, I will talk about our new status as Insured Citizens, as in, no longer some of the millions of people without health insurance. That’s right, we bit the bullet and purchased ourselves a basic HMO plan with prescription drug coverage. We got a commercial rate because we are small business owners, and that leaves the option open to offer coverage to any future employees (not that we ever plan to have employees, but still).

Our coverage starts today. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that if either of us breaks ourselves, we can go to the doctor or hospital and get treated without fearing bankruptcy. Despite all the horror stories about people thinking they were covered, and they being denied benefits, for some reason I have confidence that won’t happen. I think New York law protects people a little better than that. There is no such thing as “catastrophic” coverage here. Believe me, I tried to find it. In New York, apparently you can only buy “real” insurance.

So, into the future we go. It’s amazing all the things I can list that I would have liked to get checked out before, but didn’t because we felt it would be too expensive. Thank god we’re both really healthy. But it’s an outrage that healthy people can’t get something small checked out before it becomes something big, when it gets really expensive to treat. This system is so fucked up. We bet on our health this past year and a half and won, but it’s not a bet we wanted to make. We felt we didn’t have any choice. So now we’re doing the responsible thing, and the insurance provider is betting on our health now. I’m glad to do the right thing, but I still feel hamstrung by the system.

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  1. March 1, 2010 1:29 pm

    Wonderful, Betsy. I”ll no longer have to thing about and Darien up with I hear the health care debates about the uninsured. Seeing Republicans talk about our having the best health care in the world rang a little hollow when I saw people I knew without it. That seems to what it has all come down to in the debate: the Democrats believe that everyone should be insured and the Republicans don’t.

    I’m interested in how Obama’s plan would impact you as a small business, especially if you indeed had employees. Would you have better options? I know they are saying that health premiums will go down for most company plans under the plan–and that even though individual plans will go up, they will also be covering more (in other words, they will not just be bare bones plans). And of course, one will no longer be denied health insurance for having a preexisting condition.

    This will be true, however, only if the House passes the Senate bill.

  2. Julia Bates permalink
    March 1, 2010 5:01 pm

    I too can heave a sigh of relief. Does Darien still have the rash, for instance? I’ve been leaning on our health insurance this fall as I try to track down various problems. Some of which seem to be caused by the medication I used to be on!!

    And I won’t even start talking about Dental, which we don’t have a plan for. Sigh.

    Hugs to you both. Sunshine today!!

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