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iPad days are here

May 17, 2010

Well, Apple delivered. Ahead of schedule, no less! I got the email that the package had been shipped last week. It was supposed to get here by Tuesday. Then I found out it had shipped from China, and I thought all bets were off. The delivery date was even changed to Wednesday. Grr. But it made it from China to Alaska in a day. Shipment tracking is both brilliant and infuriating, especially when you can see that what you are waiting for is a few miles away, just sitting there. I waited all weekend as my iPad sat in Newark.

I also noticed that Apple has changed their ship dates on their website from 5-7 days to 7-10, another indication that they are doing very well, but that I shouldn’t hold my breath. Then, lo and behold, it didn’t take 3 days to get here from Newark! I checked this morning, and my package was on the truck, out for delivery. I guess they were just covering their butts.

If there’s one thing Apple does well, it’s presentation. It arrived in a sturdy, crisp, white box. The iPad itself is somewhat plain, but sleek and just darned pretty. Setup was as simple as connecting to my laptop, newly upgraded to the compatible Snow Leopard. iTunes opened, I set my preferences for syncing and it was ready to go. I visited the Apps Store briefly, and plugged in the charger, though it came almost fully charged.

So, yes, I am writing this post on the iPad itself, with the WordPress app. Damn, it’s cool. 🙂

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