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Moving to the UES

October 19, 2010

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been! Perhaps the biggest development is that we found and were approved for a new apartment near my church, and met a potential tenant who wants our current apartment. Goal move date is by the end of the month.

Now comes the stress and anxiety and logistical nightmares that accompany any move. I sign the lease on Wednesday, then we can move in anytime after that. I can’t wait to be so much closer to my church job. It will be five long blocks that I can walk instead of the 45-60 minute commute involving at least one train and a crosstown bus. If this new tenant works out, we will also avoid paying double rents next month: ka-ching!

The new digs are on the upper east side, far east. We’ll be close-ish to the 4-5-6 trains, and the 86th St station is express. We are also a block and a half from a big, beautiful park right on the water with a nice dog run. I was so charmed by the park the other day when I saw a notice on the dog run that said it is closed for an hour and a half each Wednesday so the ASPCA dogs can come play. Yup, we’re just a few blocks away from them.

The neighborhood also seems much quieter than where we are now. Partly because it’s not so close to a major road. I mean, when you’re on an island there are a lot of major roads, but being so far east, several blocks from the nearest subway helps calm things down a lot. I hope Kipling will not be so scared to go outside every day.

It’s still a third floor walk-up, but the building is much smaller than our Inwood building. There are probably half as many units. It’s owned and managed by a third-generation family business. I was totally charmed by the manager, too. We had an actual conversation, which is rare when you’re trolling craigslist and there are so many people who don’t seem to have the time or capacity for more than “Hello, this is it.” I know family businesses can be just as sketchy and evil as so-called big business, but I really dug the guy’s vibe.

It’s more expensive than what we’re paying now, but it’s 120 blocks farther south, the building is in better condition, and it’s still a one-bedroom. The way business has been going, we felt we could take the chance and reward ourselves with a little quality of life upgrade. We compromised, though, and did what we typically find ourselves doing: taking incremental risk that seems like a big deal, but is really totally manageable. We looked in the east village, lower east side, Greenwich village, etc., but couldn’t find anything near as big in our budget. We would have had to downsize to a studio, and there was nothing thisclose to our new office, which was the whole point of looking in that area anyway.

So, it’s not the dream in terms of location, it doesn’t have a dishwasher or laundry, the appliances aren’t full-sized, and there isn’t much light because there is really only one window. However, it is very close to church and a great park (two, if you count Central Park), there is a 24-hour laundromat half a block away, the appliances and bathroom are new, and I’m always trying to block out the light in the bedroom anyway, so having only one window doesn’t bother me.

This morning I got confirmation that our management company will allow us to break our lease if we find a new tenant. They will raise the rent by $13 on the new lease, but we can leave when we want to leave if we can find someone they will approve. * fingers crossed *

Now that I know we are for sure moving, and moving by the end of the month, I am starting to feel a little nostalgic for our apartment and our neighborhood. It was the right place for us for a while.









Goodbye, apartment!












What I won’t miss: the new “renovations” to our building.

Yes, that's gold spray paint on the ceiling. Classy.

And, yes, that's gold AND copper spray paint on the stonework around the door and window.



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  1. October 23, 2010 7:13 am

    It sounds like this one is a move forward, Betsy.

  2. Julia Bates permalink
    November 9, 2010 4:41 pm

    You both handle transitions so well. Great planning and teamwork!

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