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New year, new start

January 18, 2011

Well, I’d like to say that 2011 has started off with a bang, but it hasn’t. I came down with a nasty cold right before Christmas, which was unfortunate, given that I had to sing eight masses in three days for major moolah that I couldn’t pass up. Somehow, I made it through. Not my best singing, but a damn fine attempt, all things considered.

Then came the snow. We tried to escape New York the day after Christmas and got stuck in the blizzard. Note to self: check the weather report before traveling. The bad news is that we drove for 6 hours and got as far as Plainfield, NJ in a neighboring NJ county and not even as far south as Wall Street. The good news is that then we were able to make it the rest of the way to TN the next day without trouble since we weren’t starting from the city, which turned into one big mess.

We left the memories of creepy, silent highways and scraping ice and snow off our windshield for family time at the mythical grandparents’ house in Sewanee. We exchanged gifts, watched some movies, caught up with the extended family, rested, and ate and ate and ate. We actually managed to not work for almost a week. Miracle of miracles.

The way back was punctuated by a stop at my parents’ in MD for Christmas, Part III. Seeing as it was already after New Year’s, it felt a little like the holidays had overstayed their welcome, but we enjoyed all the loot and cherished the family time, even though it meant that we were also back at work, even while mobile.

All that time in the car led to some good conversation, and there’s not much my hubby likes better than good conversation. We made plans and set goals, and then were promptly assaulted by the maelstrom of clients and work and the disruptive (though also delightful) presence of a houseguest upon our return. Our good intentions had to wait a week, but we are on track as of this morning. Yet, suddenly, incomprehensibly, it is already the middle of January. Where does the time go?

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