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Thumbs up for Sojos

March 5, 2011

Darien and Beckett

This is what Saturdays are made for.

After a lovely brunch with our employee and her boyfriend (soon-to-be-fiance!), we took the beagles to Central Park for a long walk with no agenda. Kipling did remarkably well on the way there, and seemed fairly chill even with all the people who were out enjoying this beautiful day. Beckett was in full-on adventure mode and loving every minute. He was sniffing everything and loudly greeting other dogs. After we got back, I gave them both baths, then treated them to some beef marrow. Spring is in the air!

It’s hard to believe that changing their diet has resulted in such a drastic improvement in their coats. After only two weeks, we are fully transitioned to the new food, and their fur is downy soft and shiny, and they are shedding much less than before. I whole-heartedly recommend Sojos. It has done wonders for them. Even if it doesn’t really help with the behavior, I feel better knowing they are eating healthier. Plus, I have never seen them so excited before meals, and they’re beagles, so that’s saying something. It really makes me wonder about the food we put in our own bodies.

We all fell asleep for a little nap, and our little family was just as content as can be.

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