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March 30, 2011
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I got word that my tickets have been purchased. Instead of flying to LAX to meet up with the group, and then flying to Seoul, I get to fly non-stop from JFK. Not only does this mean I save a whole day not flying to CA first, but I also don’t have to get back on another plane on the way home after the long trip from Seoul to LAX. Plus, non-stop means less annoying airport transferring and less of a chance that my luggage will be misrouted. So, I have a ticket to Korea. How about that.

There is something so right about meeting up with the group there. I guess in some ways it would be nice to sort of establish a connection with everyone I will be traveling with before we take off, but I also know from experience traveling in such groups that even 10 days can seem like an eternity by the end. I think it might be really lovely to have time to think and reflect at the beginning and end. I imagine it will be a kind of meditative wading in and out of the journey, even if I’m really mostly just sleeping.

Coming up: thinking about what to pack, and how I’m going to pass the time in the airport and on the 14-hour (!) flights.

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