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June 25, 2011

Well, everyone said coming back is harder. The jet lag is excruciating. I really wanted to sleep on the plane, but I was so uncomfortable, and it didn’t feel like night. I took a short nap when I finally got home, but it was hard to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon. When I awoke, I spent an hour and a half getting ready to go out. I was moving very slowly. We attended the opening night of a friend’s off-Broadway play, and then spent a few minutes at the reception afterwards. I thought I would crash during the performance, but the show was so excellent that I felt energized by the end of the evening. I couldn’t sleep last night because my body didn’t know what time it was. I can’t tell if I’m hungry or not. Then again, fewer things seem appetizing to me lately. I do not feel sleepy, but I know I must be exhausted.

But, I am so glad to be home. I admit I was getting tired of eating almost exclusively Korean food. None of the meals seemed appealing on the plane back. I had a burger for dinner and it was delicious – I refused to eat McDonald’s overseas. There is nothing quite like coming home to your dogs. I was assaulted with kisses and surrounded by wags. And lying in one’s own bed. Heaven.

It’s hard to believe that I was half a world away. I am easing back into my life here, and enjoying the regularity and comforts of home. Travel always does that to me. It makes me appreciate that life goes on everywhere, mostly the same way, but that life as I know it is pretty fantastic. I expect what I did and saw will continue to follow me, echoing through my life as I now focus on the future, and put my past once again behind me.

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  1. Julia Bates permalink
    June 28, 2011 6:00 am

    But it’s a past you know much more intimately now! And have richer connections with! So glad you are home, so wonderful that you went!

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