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Never underestimate the value of a good phlebotomist

November 16, 2011

27 weeks

I had another great check-up on Monday. I was thinking the other day about the stories I have read about women who have had hospital births and then they go for midwifery care for the second babies. I can’t imagine doing it in that order. As a first-time mom, I need all the support and reassurance I can get, and I get it in spades with Kimm. Every time we meet with her I feel better. I feel reassured, I feel confident, I feel like everything will be fine.

My weight gain is good. My belly measurement is on track. My glucose test was normal. The baby was facing head down and to my left, and I’m doing everything I can to encourage it to stay that way, even though I know it’s still a few weeks before I lock it in. (And boy, is Cletus taking the opportunity to stretch his little self. He is moving a LOT lately.) She said she would map it next time because it is still a little early, and my tummy is so taut that it is a little hard to feel all the parts (it’s still tiny, only around 2 lbs at this point). She tried to show us both how to tell the difference between the butt and the back. I’m not sure I really felt it, but I pretended I did. What is it about babies’ butts that are so darned cute? The idea of her being able to feel a butt just made me smile.

However, she is not so good with drawing blood. I’ve always been a tricky stick, but it really sucks to have someone digging around in your arm. Fortunately, she didn’t persist and instead sent me to a lab where they do it all the time. One try and it was done. It took me way longer to walk there and back than it did for her to actually take my blood. I love it when things work the way they’re supposed to. Hopefully my iron is OK.

* * * * *

We had birth story week at class, and a couple who also worked with Kimm came with one of the most adorable babies I have seen in person. They had to transfer after 50 hours of laboring at home because the baby was asymmetrically engaged and the contractions never picked up to the point where she was progressing. But the went with a good attitude, she only needed a little bit of pitocin, and had a vaginal birth after 62 hours of labor. Unfortunately, there were some minor complications with the baby that kept him there for four days, but they worked hard to breastfeed and stay with him, and they are all fine now. As I said, cutest baby ever, and I’m sure he doesn’t remember or care that he had to be in a hospital for the first few days of his life.

It was useful to hear again how transfers can happen, and they can be good and fine and it doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad birth. I’m not sure everyone in our class can accept that you can’t control everything. There is one couple in particular who seems to feel very embattled. They want to deliver at the birth center, and they are really freaking out about what happens if they have to go to L&D instead. I hope they can relax a little, and I hope for their sake, and the L&D staff, that their baby doesn’t decide to camp out past the cutoff date. But, babies will pick their own birthdays when given the chance, so we shall see. They are due on Christmas day.

* * * * *

I had another birth dream last night. I had a birth tub and my parents, but we were at a hotel for some unknown reason. I neglected to tell Darien and his mom that I was in labor. I ended up having a precipitous, unassisted birth that was totally fine and easy. Then we got cleaned up and went out to eat. The baby transformed into a cell phone, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it turn back into a baby. I was very upset because I realized then that I had forgotten to try to breastfeed. Darien and his mom were upset that there were not there for the birth. It was all very confusing and weird. Was it a robot baby? I don’t even remember if it was a boy or a girl. Why were we in a hotel, not at home or a hospital? Why did I think going out to eat immediately sounded like a great idea? How could I forget to call my husband? Why am I having so many of these dreams? Oh, baby, I will be so glad when you’re on the outside. I won’t have less anxiety, but at least I’ll have better control of my body.

* * * * *

Next week is our last class already! The time has really flown by. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I got a reminder to make a dentist appointment the other day. The last time I had a check-up was before I was pregnant. And the next time I get my teeth cleaned, there will be a tiny human living in my apartment. I have an end-of-year tax appointment scheduled, and I’ve already received an invitation to a holiday party. As a matter of fact, we’re planning an event at the office right now. Advent always passes in a hurry, and then we’re already at 2012. Our friends’ baby could be born any day now. When you’re counting in weeks and whole people coming into the world, time adds up fast.

28 weeks tomorrow. 9-14 weeks until we meet Cletus. I’m starting to wonder where all that baby left to grow is going to go. I used to think I might have one of those cute basketball bellies, but I’m much broader than that. My belly button is threatening to poke out. It’s getting pretty difficult to tie my own shoes. I’m having more trouble than ever comprehending how this mom ran a marathon 9 months pregnant since walking to the subway sometimes makes me feel like I need to take a nap. And although I’ve read plenty of birth stories and watched birth movies, I looked down at myself this morning and wondered how this baby is coming out of there. Seriously, Mother Nature?!

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  1. Julia Bates permalink
    November 17, 2011 3:18 pm

    Well, somehow…. Expansive hormones, muscles moving in ways you had no idea they could!! And Bingo, well after several hours usually, Bingo. A baby!

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