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Three Months

April 30, 2012

Alban is three months old! He weighs 14 lb., 14 oz. and he is 24.25″ tall. It has been a pretty exciting month. Some days it seems like he has completely changed overnight. Other days it feels like he may never learn to do anything on his own.

He can control his head pretty well now, though he still wobbles a bit, and so there have been several episodes of unintentional head-butting. However, he does a mean plank, and can fly with the best of them. We have cleaned our share of Superman spit-up.

Those practice smiles have turned into full-on, toothless grins that melt my heart. No giggling yet, but lots of eye contact, and wide, bright eyes.

Mornings are delightful. He wakes up cheerful and lays in his crib after his breakfast and chats with the animals on his crib bumper and mobile. He is getting very vocal, and his noises have exploded in the past few days. They are the most joyful coos and squeals. I can’t wait till I can understand him, because he seems to have plenty to say. We have lots of little conversations throughout the day, and sometimes he just sits and talks to himself.

His other favorite activity right now is studying his hands. He spends copious amounts of time staring at his hands. Every once in a while, one of them makes it into his mouth. Today, he managed to get one in there and chewed on it for several minutes – a new record! Mostly, though, he looks stoned, and staring at something that close to his face occasionally makes him cross-eyed. The corresponding drool has just begun to trickle, and this morning the pediatrician pointed out the tooth buds that will sprout in a few month.

His baby acne has pretty much cleared up, so his face is just beautiful now, though the acne has been replaced by dry skin. He’s got a bit of cradle cap, and some scaly skin on his arms, legs, and back that we’re treating with infrequent bathing and coconut oil. His fetus fur is gone, and he has lost a bit of the hair on his head. He is starting to get a little bald spot, as well as a thinning band of hair on the back of his head.

Nights continue to improve. We’re generally down to one night feeding, though sometimes it is more, and very rarely less. Once or twice he has managed to sleep through the night, if you use the definition of five consecutive hours. We refuse to use the cry it out method, so we’re just being patient. Since I can often get a nap during the day, one feeding a night is not too bad for me. I even caught myself getting all nostalgic the other night when we were sitting in the glow of the nightlight and he was all snuggly against me, chowing down as happy as could be. Typically, these night feedings are brief, and he falls back asleep pretty easily. More tricky is putting him back down in his crib. He seems to have no trouble falling asleep in bed next to me, but then I don’t sleep well, so I am working on getting him content in the crib. If we had a bigger bed, I would be happy to bed-share because I love to have him next to me. He is so cuddly. I love to hear and smell his little body, and I know he’s OK when he’s right there beside me. Sometimes we nap together to make up for kicking him out of bed at night.

I am working to lengthen the time he stays asleep, though when he wakes he does seem to actually be hungry, and I can’t do anything about the size of his tummy. I can often prolong the sleep intervals with a pacifier, but the times I have tried not feeding him, I have just ended up waking up every hour or more to replace the pacifier until I feed him. I believe is is truly hungry when this happens, so I might as well feed him and then we can both get more sleep. I am experimenting with an earlier bedtime and more predictable naps, though it is difficult to create middle-of-the-night atmosphere at 7 p.m. in our small apartment.

He is turning into a real person. A happy one, too. I am so enthralled with him, and I find him ever more fascinating now that he seems to be paying attention to me and responding. We have been making our travel plans for the summer, and I realized that he will be twice as old as he is now for the big family reunion. He will be an entirely different boy by then! I can only imagine how much he will grow and learn in the next three months.

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  1. April 30, 2012 9:20 pm

    Gee whiz, he is the sweetest little baby. I am so sad I haven’t met him yet, but so happy that I will soon. Xoxo.

  2. Mom permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:55 am

    Andrew wants to know when Albie will talk. He is looking forward to conversing, no doubt about baseball and other such guy-friendly topics.

  3. jrbates57 permalink
    May 6, 2012 7:31 pm

    Can’t wait to see him tomorrow evening!!!

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