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Half Birthday

August 1, 2012

The Olympics has Alban on the edge of his seat

It was Alban’s half birthday yesterday! It is both hard to believe that he has been here only six months, and that it has already been six months. He is getting to be great fun. He can now sit up pretty well on his own, though he is still placed on a pallet of safety for those unexpected launches and wobbly topples. He smiles a lot, and has started to laugh. His dexterity and hand-eye coordination are improving. He can reach for a toy and pick it up with purpose. He can pick up a toy and put it directly in his mouth. He has a favorite song, and he starts to smile as soon as he hears the first phrase. He continues to vocalize.

He is getting SO frustrated that he can’t move more. He still can’t roll back from his belly to his back. He can scoot a little. He has gotten onto his hands and knees a few times, and also his hands and toes. He does a mean plank. He loves to stand, and has learned to hold on to your fingers to pull himself up, though he hasn’t started pulling himself up on the furniture yet. I’m not ready for him to be mobile!

Everything goes in his mouth. He chews with determination. He is an enthusiastic eater. He has stopped spitting up quite so often. He is growing, growing, growing out of his clothes. He is an unpredictable sleeper. He is a calm kid. He rarely cries other than when he’s hungry, though he has been known to get fussy for sitters. I think we have entered “stranger danger” phase.

He has been on subways, buses, and airplanes. He attended a wedding. He went to a bar, an art show, The Met, the American Museum of Natural History, and his girlfriend’s Simchat Bat. He ventured to Brooklyn to meet his godmother and visit the Renegade Handmade craft fair. He traveled to Queens to meet his great-aunt and great-uncle. He celebrated his first 4th of July. He endured an 8-hour car ride to and from Maine. He met many of his Bates relatives at the big family reunion a few weeks ago, including his great-grandparents. He took his first swim on that trip, and even got dunked. Times are good.

four generations of Bates boys

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