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May 29, 2014


Alban fell off my lap yesterday afternoon. He was eating a snack, and then he was on his back, having given his head a good whack. Now, I think I’m a fairly relaxed parent. I don’t tend to overreact. He cried for a bit, and then ate a little more. But then he fell asleep in my arms, which never happens. I googled “head injury,” and it was sort of like when you google “pregnancy symptoms” and they are all also symptoms of PMS. How are you supposed to know if a toddler is slurring his words? So after consulting with our doctor’s office, which was closed already, we headed to the emergency room. He didn’t wake up when I put him in the car seat, which also never happens. He slept all the way to the Metro, where I picked up Darien, who had left work early so I didn’t have to do this alone. Alban woke up briefly, then fell back asleep, which also never happens. So I was a little concerned about the sleeping even though he didn’t have any other symptoms of head trauma.

After a little waiting we went to triage, then went back to the waiting room, which was pleasant and had fish. Then we were sent to a room, where there was nothing but medical equipment, and had to wait there for way longer. I’m pretty sure we were triaged to the bottom of the list. By the time the doctor saw us, I’m pretty sure everyone there, including us, was wondering why we were still there because Alban was literally jumping and running around. He got checked out in the quickest exam even, and we got the OK to leave.

It was a relief that he was fine, but I feel like there should be a handy infographic for calm parents for When to Lose Your Shit. Seriously, the nurse who answered the phone at the doc’s office was like, “Um, you should probably go to the emergency room. For, you know, peace of mind.” Hello, that’s why I called you. To advise. And when I called my doctor’s office to see if they could assess this sort of thing they sounded all, “Why aren’t you already halfway to the ER by now.” Can we please revise the head injury symptoms to include vomiting at the tippy top? We were asked three times whether he’d vomited. Had I known that was pretty much the main thing to worry about, I would have stayed at home and just kept an eye on him.

So Alban is fine. He ate pasta and cake last night, and didn’t go to sleep until 11pm because of his 1.5 hour nap at 5 o’clock. This will be a neat family story in a little while. Right?


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