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How YNAB changes your friendships

May 29, 2014
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I went on a brief, but much needed solo trip last weekend to visit my cousin in Chicago. I was also lucky to be able to see her husband and mom, as well as one of my college roommates. As it happens, I have made them all YNAB converts. Well, my aunt is via my cousin, so I’ll give her credit for that one. When I returned home, I realized that we were able to have all kinds of conversations about money because we each have this wonderful new awareness about what it’s doing, and how we’re using it. We have different priorities and different amounts in our respective bank accounts, but we were able to have delightfully frank discussions about how we’ve dealt with life’s financial curveballs without what I sense is the typical way one must deal with a friend’s revelation to you that they’ve had to deal with an unexpected expense: pity / chagrin / worry. None of us are helpless anymore. We have goals and plans to achieve them. An unexpected expense just gets cycles into the YNAB method, and the money gets moved around to where it needs to be. It doesn’t break the budget, the budget just adjusts to the new priority. This is a whole new world of openness and healthy dialogue, folks. I highly recommend it.

Chicago was beautiful, btw. I highly recommend it, too.


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